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21 Oct

Biggest Loser - Week I don't even know...

You may have noticed I haven’t posted in a few weeks. I was doing really well, and then BAM… My depression/anxiety took over and I’ve fallen into a bit of a dark hole. When this happens, my good/healthy habits tend to go out the window. Particularly my eating habits. I just want what I want because in that moment it makes me feel better. I cope with food. I have since my trauma. I literally feed my emotions. The good news is that I know this won’t last forever and when I get out of this hole I’m in, I’ll go back to my healthy habits. Plus, I haven’t lost all of them, I still exercise. Not to the same extent of what I was doing, but I’ll still go for walks and try my best to get out of bed and be active. Unfortunately, I’m having some serious sciatica pain going on in my back that I’m in physical therapy for, so my movement is slightly limited right now anyway. As for my depression/anxiety, I am working with both my therapist and doctor to make sure we get that back under control. If you see me, make sure to check in on me! Hopefully the next time I write things will be better!


Anna Forcier

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