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19 Jan


I consider myself very fortunate to work for such a great company and have such a great role. I am the administrative assistant of marketing for Title Source, which is a part of the Quicken Loans family of companies. I do a lot of different things in this role but one of my main responsibilities is to order “swag” for the entire company. I work with different vendors in order to get all of my “swag” needs and have found myself creating personal relationships.

Jessica and Colleen have been so fantastic to work with! They have gotten me everything I have ever needed! Including shirts for Happy Girl Health! Jessica and Colleen so kindly priced out shirts for me and then surprised me for Christmas and gave them to me free of charge. I can’t thank them enough for doing this for me. It is so appreciated. Check them out!

I have 2 smalls, 5 mediums, 5 larges, and 1 xl. If you would like to support me and wear a super cool shirt around, please let me know! First come, first served!! Get them while they're hot! 

If you have swag needs, I highly recommend Jessica and Colleen! They respond with a sense of urgency and make sure you get what you need! They are attentive and it’s very clear they care about you and the work that they do. They make my job so much easier. I feel so lucky that I get to work with them. I believe strongly that certain people come into your life for a reason. I apprecaite these two so much and I can't say it enough, but THANK YOU! 


Anna Forcier

Anna Forcier loves elephants, unicorns, sunshine, and rainbows!