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13 Oct

I Am Proud of.... ME!

My therapist recently asked me to list all the things I am proud of. I could only think of one thing, which was graduating college. To me, that was the most difficult and challenging thing I have ever done and I tried to quit many times. Graduating was something I am very proud of.

As far as everything else goes, in my head they are just things I should be doing or that I think are too easy to be proud of. When I am praised at work or given more responsibility, I just think, “oh, well I must just be doing my job.” When I complete tasks that I think are just things people do, I don’t think anything of it. For example, I ran a half marathon, which of course I should be proud of, but to me, it’s just something people do (which I was told, people don’t just run marathons!). Another example is creating this blog. To me it’s no big deal and I’m just trying to help people, but really, I didn’t have to do this and it’s a big time commitment and it’s something I should be proud of and I’m slowing learning how to recognize that.

I’m not sure where my lack of self-appreciation came from but it is something I am working on. I have been challenged by my therapist to celebrate myself when I do something I am proud of. It could be getting my nails done, my hair done, getting a massage, going out for dinner, or buying myself something I want.

So, this week, I will be celebrating that I was given more responsibilities at work. Since I’m on a budget (more on that later) I will be celebrating in a freer way. I am going to have an at-home spa day for myself. I’ve been tired lately and I think a nice relaxing day to myself is exactly what I need and it’s a great way to celebrate being proud of my accomplishments.

I challenge everyone to pick something they are proud of this week and celebrate it. No matter how small or how big the accomplishment is. Celebrate it and be proud of yourself. I also challenge you to make a list of your accomplishments that you are proud of and challenge yourself to add to that list weekly. This is something I am starting to do and I think will be beneficial in changing the way I look at my accomplishments.

Be Proud. Be Loud. Be You.


Anna Forcier

Anna Forcier loves elephants, unicorns, sunshine, and rainbows!