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17 Nov

My Weight Loss Journey…Part 2

I know said I would check in at my half way mark of my 7-week challenge, but I just can’t wait that long! So, I will be posting about my journey every week until my challenge is over.

I started Herbalife on November 8, 2017. I weighed in the night before with my coach coming in at 245.4 pounds. So, from Tuesday the 7th to Tuesday the 14th I lost 2.4 pounds. That’s a big win! 1-2 pounds per week is healthy when losing weight, so I am right on track!

The first couple of days were difficult for me. I am so used to eating huge portions at every meal so when I switched to 2 shakes per day I felt a little hungry and a bit cranky. After the first 3 days, I had it pretty much figured out. I had my shakes and I found snacks that I enjoyed and made healthy dinners and was less cranky. I am very tired all the time but after speaking with my doctor we figured out it was from my medication and not my diet. I drink more than the recommended 90 oz. of water per day and even have room for my trenta iced green tea no sugar from Starbucks (I’m addicted)!

This is what my day looks like as far as meals go:

8:00am – Banana Caramel Shake

11:00am – Greek Yogurt (vanilla flavored)

1:00pm – Chocolate Mint Shake

2:30pm – Turkey meat, almonds & cheese

5:30pm – Healthy Dinner (usually a protein and a veggie)

7:00pm – Cottage cheese snack (if needed)

As you can see I eat about ever 2-3 hours. I am also drinking water at each of these small meals and all throughout the day.

My goal was also to get back into the gym, but I have not yet gone. I am still trying to figure out a good schedule for myself and I am so fatigued from my medication that when I come home and eat dinner, I’m ready for bed. My doctor lowered one of my medications, so hopefully that will help with me feeling tired all the time and I am able to get to the gym.

For the most part though, I feel pretty good and am very excited to see a lower number on the scale this week. I can’t wait to continue and see the progress I make! I am trying to stay as positive as I can, especially when I start craving junk food when I’m feeling depressed. It is very difficult for me since food is my coping mechanism. I try to find different ways to cope so I don’t fall off the wagon. So far so good! We will see what the next week brings me and I will take it one day at a time.


Anna Forcier

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