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16 Sep

The Biggest Loser - Week 2

Week 1 Recap

The beginning of last week went really well! I stuck to my plan, ate all the right foods, and got my exercise in. Then came Thursday, which was also my 29th birthday, and my family and I went up to Traverse City, MI for an extended weekend. I didn’t watch what I ate, I did get some exercise in, I climbed the sand dunes and worked my way through a giant corn maze, but the exercise did not out weigh the bad food I ate. :( I gained 1.8 pounds, but I will chalk this one up as a good birthday weekend and I will do better this week! My current weight is 259.5.

Week 2

Here are my plans for the second week of the challenge. 


Monday: Since I was on vacation, I wasn't able to prepare as much as i would have likced to, so this morning I got a venti no sugar iced green tea and a cheese and fruit protein box from Starbucks. 

Tuesday-Sunday: Smoothie (Raw Organic Meal in chocolate, frozen banana, 1 tbsp peanut butter, unsweetened almond milk


Monday: Grilled chicken breast salad with ranch, no pita bread from Woodward Coney (in Detroit, MI) 

Tuesday: Cauliflower gnocchi, organic basil marinara, feta cheese, grilled chicken breast

Wednesday - Sunday: I HATE LUNCH! lol I don't know what to eat. If anyone has any suggestions, I am open to them! HELP ME!


Monday: Grilled chicken topped with bacon, cheese, and green onion with green beans

Tuesday: Cheeseburgers and cheesy broccoli (I will eat my cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun!)

Wednesday: French Dip and zuccihini (I will eat my french dip with no bread)

Thursday: Ground Turkey Sweet Potato skillet 

Friday: My family and I eat out on Friday's, I will try to pick something healthy! 

Saturday and Sunday: TBD - we do our shopping on Saturday's 


I am sticking to my Bite Sized Fitness Plan! I will be working out on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week! I am also buying some pre-workout. I'm a little nervous though because they usually give me a little bit of anxiety. I am going to try one from bloom supplements because it specifically says no anxiety in their claims. I am ordering this today, so I will update you once I've tried it a few times. 

I also bought a gallon water bottle to make sure I'm drinking my water! It's super cute and it helps encourage you to drink water! I will get that on Tuesday and start using it on Wednesday! I am horrible about drinking water, so hopefully this helps! 

Let's hope this week is better than last! Talk to you all next week :) 



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