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30 Sep

The Biggest Loser - Week 4

Week 3 Recap

Wooo! Out of the 50’s people! This is a pretty big deal for me! I’m currently weighing in at 248.9 lbs which is a weight loss of 8.8 lbs since the start of this challenge! So, I took on running this week and it was easier than I thought it was going to be. I thought I was going to hate it and not want to do it, but it was actually the opposite! I loved it and wanted to do it every day (my legs weren’t prepared for every day, not yet, at least!) My eating was pretty spot on. I had a few days where I slipped up a little, but I’ll explain that when I talk about my meals. Here are my lunches and a few dinners from last week.


Monday: Salad I made from a salad bar (mixed greens, grilled chicken cubes, boiled eggs, cucumber, bacon bits, shredded cheddar cheese, chickpeas, and ranch)

Tuesday: I was super sick, so I stayed home. I got Chicken lettuce wraps from Pei Wei. My favorite!

Wednesday: I was at an event at Ford Field. The options were great, but I tried my best. I ate a hot dog with no bun, and I covered it with BBQ pulled pork and a little bit of queso.

Thursday: Chicken Tender salad from the Coney (I was peer pressured into the chicken tender part!!)

Friday: Chicken Lettuce Wraps from Pei Wei

Saturday: McDonald’s McDouble and Medium Fry. So, you’re probably thinking, “Anna why did you eat that?!” Well, Saturday I walked to help fight suicide. (Check out this blog to learn why this is important to me.) After that walk I was feeling some type of way and all I wanted was bad food. So, I ate it. Not a super great excuse but it is what it is.

Sunday: Chicken Lettuce Wraps from Pei Wei (Have you ever heard the quote "You are waht you eat?" I am legit going to turn into a lettuce wrap soon!)

Dinners from Friday-Sunday:

Friday: Cedar Plank salmon, mashed potatoes, mixed veggies. I went to Station Square in Troy with my family. It was sooooooo good!

Saturday: Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet

Sunday: Baked Salmon, Green Beans, cucumber tomato salad

Water intake: Ehhhh, I’m hoping to do better this week!

Week 4

For exercise I plan to continue couch to 5k and going to the gym on the weekends. This week I will do a brisk 5-minute warm up walk followed by running for 90 seconds and walking for 2 minutes. For meals this week:


Monday – Sunday: I’m switching this up just a little. Smoothie: Simple Truth Organic Plain Greek Yogurt, 1 cup of frozen mixed berries, ½ cup of unsweetened almond milk, Raw Organic Meal in Vanilla


Monday: Salsarita’s (team lunch). Burrito Bowl – ½ cup rice, pinto beans, chicken, queso, pico, shredded cheese, shredded lettuce, guacamole, and sour cream

Tuesday-Sunday: Probably grilled chicken salads and I’m sure some chicken lettuce wraps in there somewhere too


Monday: Homemade White Chicken Chili

Tuesday: Left over Homemade White Chicken Chili

Wednesday: Cauliflower Pepperoni Pizza

Thursday: Left Over Cauliflower Pepperoni Pizza

Friday: Eat Out. I think I might go to Mongolian BBQ and load up on some meat and veggies!

Saturday and Sunday: TBD – will recap next week


I am hoping to lose another 2 pounds this week! If you see me, all encouragement is welcomed!


Anna Forcier

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