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9 Apr

What Makes You Happy?










The sound of rain 




Makeup you say? Yes, makeup. In the past few months I have really gotten into makeup. Its a form of art that I never really cared about before, but I think I have found my creative outlet. If I'm not enjoying one of the things above, I am probably watching a YouTube video of one of my favorite beauty influencers. Right now, my two favorites are Paige Koren and Isabella Goria. Check them out if you are interested! 


I know this may sound cheesy, but makeup has really helped my mental health. First, it gave me something to do when I was feeling down and second, it gave me a way to express myself. 


Usually, when I'm not feeling great, if I'm depressed or anxious or whatever, I either turn on a YouTube video and learn a new technique or I go straight to my makeup table and try out a new fun look. I have found this to be my favorite tool when combating depression/anxiety. 


I would also like to point out, that you don't have to be a beauty guru or a professional make up artist to enjoy makeup. I am just starting out and I'm not the greatest, but to me that doesn't matter. Art is art and it is unique to each person. 


Here are a few looks I have created! 


Thanks for reading! I know it's been awhile. Let me know in the comments what makes you happy! 


Talk to you next time! 


Anna Forcier

Anna Forcier loves elephants, unicorns, sunshine, and rainbows!